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Ao's current favorite

If my Ao Luxe tribe and I use it and love it, you'll find it here!

Hi all, Ao here! Thank you so much for checking out my favorites and my blog


For my current favorite, I'm sharing Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade.

Carol's Daughter explains that the mimosa mix moisturizes the scalp, conditions hair and controls frizz which is exactly why I tried it out in the first place. It's infused with nettles, sage leaf extract and shea butter, which are just a few of the nourishing ingredients. It smells so good too! I like using it as a nice alternative to perfume with its light lavender and citrus scent.

I love how soft it makes my hair feel!


After falling in love with this product, I got my mom and sister to try it outThe three of us have different hair textures, lengths and curl patterns and now they're just as in love with it. With some trial an error (a little goes a long way!), we each customized it to our different hair needs. To this day, we are still obsessed and talking about how delicious it smells and how soft it makes our hair feel.