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My Top 10 Glam Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I'm sharing a few of my favorite things of 2018 in this G L A M G I F T G U I D E to help in the holiday hustle n' bustle and last minute madness of trying to find gifts for your loved ones.

My list perfectly mixes stocking stuffers, presents under the tree and the classic "I was going to give this to someone, but I think I'll keep it."

So, let's dive in since the clock is ticking!


1. Colourpop has been one of my go-to makeup brands for a long time. Not only do their products feel like top quality, but their affordable prices leave me feeling like I get a lot of bang for my buck. Their cruelty-free stance is also a plus.

Individual items like their Super Shock Highlighters will brighten any makeup lover's Christmas stocking. The best seller highlight and my personal favorite is Lunch Money. If you're looking for makeup sets, Colourpop knows how bundle. Their Christmas sets have the cutest names like the Fa-La-La-Flawless eye and mini lip set and Fairy and Bright kit. All of which come in adorable packaging that can hang like a tree ornament. While writing this blog, I admit I got caught up looking at all their offers so if you end up feeling overwhelmed by the choices, you could always go for a Colourpop gift card.

2. Speaking of gift cards, it wouldn't be a glam gift guide without including Ao Luxe in the mix. Our gift cards stay available year-round online and in-store, but we do have some festive Christmas e-card options right now.

Top 10 festive, affordable and luxury gift ideas for Christmas | Ao Luxe blog

I live for freshly threaded and microbladed vibes and the confidence they bring. You can't go wrong with holiday hair sparkles either. Before I became a microblading artist, getting my eyebrows microbladed was one of those "I'm giving this gift to myself" presents. I loved my results so much, I knew I needed to train under the very same gifted microblading artist who finessed my brows. Shout out to Inna! My intense training was worth it to provide this next-level brow game to my clients and beyond. We currently are scheduling January 2019 for Microblading Models at a delectable rate of over 50% off regular pricing so for someone dreaming of microblading and loves a deal, call us for this one.

Ao Luxe Microblading and Top 10 best Christmas gifts
TOP: Freshly microbladed me | BOTTOM: Healed brows & me serving you the most of the most. I LOVE THEM. Come serve the most attitude with me!

If you're reading this and you live outside of my city, many of my clients come from out of town so no worries! We book out far in advance and to your convenience. I treasure that my clients trust me so much that they travel from so many places so I can give them dream brows. It's such an honor for me.

S E L F - C A R E

3. I want you to meet my ultimate best friend, the Nekteck shiatsu massager. I saw such great YouTube reviews on it that I bit the bullet and ordered one. Threading and microblading really take their toll on my neck, my back, my shoulders and my elbows (Did anyone else sing that dirty club ditty when you read that? Don't lie) so my hopes were that it would relieve some of that tension and help me de-stress. What an actual relief! I don't know the ins and outs with the technology, but I'm thankful it exists. Each time I use it, I feel refreshed and stronger for the next day of back-to-back appointments. You can use it on your whole body (even your feet!) which I see as a major benefit for people who work long hours and on their feet all day.

Ao Luxe Microblading and Top 10 best Christmas gifts

4. I love having long, statement nails and Heather's Nail Salon does it right every time.

If your loved one or you are not into statement nails, they create understated yet chic nails beautifully. Treating someone to a mani/pedi or a gift card to Heather's Nail Salon would be a great stocking stuffer. If you're not a local, look for a quality salon with luxury client care near you.

The salon is such a treat because it sets the mood for relaxation, resetting and getting pampered. It's not that we need nails to be our best - we're all beautiful as we are, but Heather's Nail Salon is a space where I can reenergize, show myself some love and celebrate that I am a glam nail type of gal.


5. A question I get a lot is what do I use on my face to get it so soft looking. I have extremely sensitive skin so I have done the never-ending search for delicious cremes and serums that won't irritate my delicate skin. After many, many moons, I can passionately recommend the following serum that has changed the game for me. Serums feel so luxurious so I love receiving gifts like this where I can incorporate luxury into my daily routine.

Ao Luxe Microblading and Top 10 best Christmas gifts
Such an honor! True North Beauty boosted my confidence with this mini-feature. I'm a proud customer of theirs!

My number one serum is the True North Beauty Nourishing Facial Serum. They describe their products as "Skin care for you, the confident woman who refuses to sacrifice luxury at the expense of natural ingredients." Yas, please! My skin reacting so well to this serum takes the cake.

Their mission to "meet these women at a crucial point in their lives and help them cultivate both the confidence and the natural beauty they carry within them" is ever so important. Knowing the heart behind this powerful serum, not only does my skin drink it up, but I feel empowered and I know that energy speaks to my children, clients and friends.

If your loved one is into beauty and self-care, they'll enjoy the serum or their budget-friendly Beauty Box which includes a four-piece petite collection to get a taste for True North Beauty glam.


6. Most Favorite Coat Ever

Ao Luxe Top 10 best affordable and luxury Christmas gifts
Slaying it in the snow with my Roiii coat

This one deserves an extra title. Winters in Maine are no joke and for many years I felt defeated that I mostly had to sacrifice glam for warmth. Not to mention, I loathe the feel of the typical winter coat. That is, until I bought this Roiii coat on Amazon. I feel like Jennifer Lopez running to and from my car and whatever warm place I'm rushing to. It is my most favorite winter coat in over a decade. It's so soft, warm and absolutely glam with it's over-the-top faux fur collar, fleece lining and colorful options. I sized up, which I recommend, and will say the 2-week delivery was so worth it.

Ao from the Block is here to stay.

7. I shared my most favorite winter coat ever but if I was daring enough to wear this deliciously plush and toasty Ross Michaels robe out, you bet your sweet candy canes I sure would. It's like wearing a hug. I ordered the men's hooded, long style and ovesized because why not. I love that it floats behind me when I walk because that's my kind of drama. Who wouldn't want a toasty, cozy hug for a Christmas gift?


Ao Luxe Top 10 best Christmas gift ideas
Alaska Bear green, almond blossom print silk pillowcase

8. After many years of fighting with her, I love my curly hair and fully embrace the drama she serves me. I learned about silk pillowcases from living the curly girl life but straight-haired people benefit just as much by investing in a natural silk pillowcase. Silk doesn't soak up your hair's hydration and moisture (frizz and dryness control) like cotton. Your skin benefits in the same way too! There are so many brands to choose from online, but here's the Alaska Bear brand I prefer for the quality and beautiful selection. My sister recently gifted Alaska Bear's Almond Blossom print pillowcase to my mom and it looks even more vibrant in person. One-sided silk pillowcases are great budget-friendly alternatives. Both options sprinkle some glam on your bed so that's a win in my book!


9. Umbrellas are the last thing on my mind. Unless I get stuck in the rain. As I scrolled through Amazon in search of an umbrella for one of my kids, I came across the stylish Lanxiry umbrellas. These umbrellas are so fun, fashionable and the price fills me with warm, budget-friendly joy. I ended up buying one for my daughter and, you guessed it, one for me. One of my favorite purchases for 2018 and an unexpected, cute gift for someone!

10. As a full-time mom and business owner, Amazon Prime has helped me gain access to so much at such a convenience from the quick delivery to ordering from my cozy bed after a long day filled with work and children. My business depends on certain essentials always being at my disposal and my family life overflows every day so the membership has been a wonderul help in efficiency, time management and budgeting.

Until the end of this month, Amazon has discounted their Prime membership at almost 50% off for customers who qualify such as valid EBT and Medicaid cardholders. This one touches my heart because Amazon Prime has played such a helpful role in my chaotic mom and work life. You can learn more about Amazon's discount and what restrictions may apply by visiting their link to the offer:

That wraps up (pun intended) my G L A M G I F T G U I D E for 2018!

I love sharing all my finds and favorites with you. This one was especially fun because I'm obsessed with everything on this list. I can't wait to continue chatting about glam gifts with you on my IG and FB page.

Ao Luxe | Top 10 Favorite Gifts For Wrapping Up 2018

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S !

All the sparkle,


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